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vastu for home entranceVastu shastra is the ancient study of the science of designing a house with respect to its architecture and construction. The science focuses on the proper layout of the design, measurements, spatial arrangement and geometry. Vastu is derived from traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs of integrating nature and its patterns to make optimum use of the space to have maximum health and other benefits of life.

One comes across many vastu sites online that claims of maximum benefits and knowledge, but very few are actually genuine with the true knowledge of this beautiful art. One of the most reliable and trusted website that deals with the vastu shastra for the home entrances in USA is, that explains and justifies each of its Vastu tips that would benefit your home and life immensely.

As per the basic vastu explained by the guru on the website there are a few considerations that are to be kept in mind before construction of the main entrance to your home. These tips are:

  • 1)      Bhumi pujan/ prayers offered to the land is the most essential of the vastu tips that one needs to adhere in order to have hassle free and fruitful life on the particular piece of land.
  • 2)      East facing house is considered as most auspicious as the morning sun rays fall first on the door blessing it with eternal joy and love. Although the website also has solutions for other directions facing houses that would make them auspicious for dwelling.
  • 3)      Avoid a main door facing deserted sites as they bring bad influence and luck to the people residing in the house.
  • 4)      Try not to have a pillar or a wall blocking the main entrance to the house it generally obstructs the good luck coming to the house.
  • 5)      Have separate entry and exit doors to the house if possible to let some fresh air seep in to refresh and rejuvenate the home and its members.
  • Basic vastu is all about making your home comfortable as well as a dwelling place for good luck and fortune for all its residents. It should always be remembered that the entrance door is the biggest door in the house and all good or bad things come inside through it, so a few precautions will only help in making a life worth living in the house. Try to keep a door that opens outside and in a clockwise direction for maximum good influences and for safety reasons as well.

    The guru also mentions that the plot facing road is a good omen since it gives easy access to blessings for the house and its members. Also, try to have a main gate and the main door facing the same side as it is easier for people to come in rather than having both in opposite direction.

    Plan your house well with the help of few vastu tips and see the happiness and fortune find the way to your door steps instantly!!


Vastu Shastra is the study of understanding importance and taking advantage of the gravitational effects, magnetic field, rainfall, directions and the whole of universe. This study empowers to take the blessings of nature and inject positivity along with wealth into our lives without making any structural changes to your place.


Bedroom is the place where you give out all your negative energies and relax your body, mind and soul. Therefore it needs to be taken due care whether the bedroom is aptly arranged. Here are some tips.

  • 1.     It should contain a window to keep it properly ventilated placed in south west direction.
  • 2.     Do not install television in your bedroom as it is believed that it brings bad omen.
  • 3.     Avoid keeping any water based plant in your sleeping room. Same way avoid other water features such as aquarium, fountains or a pool in your room so that your room remains waterproof. Water is believed to flow away the positivity out of our home.
  • 4.     While sleeping your head should be towards east or south. The sun rises from east and thus every day your life gets a new start, to achieve this objective east direction is designated.
  • 5.     Some people spread a two single mattresses and bed sheets on their double beds. The Vastu tips home advices that separate mattresses and bed sheets should not be used as it can lead to unnecessary conflicts and give birth to differences in relationships.


Drawing room is the common room in home and is meant for entertaining guests, watching television together which is usually furnished with stylish furniture, bookshelves, television and other equipment for decoration. This room has a lot to say except for formal and casual entertainment. Take a look.

  • 1.     The sunlight should enlighten the drawing room every morning and thus it should be facing either towards north or east direction.
  • 2.     The south and west directions signify the handling of heavy weight element. Therefore heavy furniture i.e., sofa sets, crockery cupboards and tables should be towards south, west or southwest direction.
  • 3.     Indian Vastu believes a lot in inscribing the portraits of God in the drawing room. The figures or portraits of Christ or any supreme power in which you have faith can be hung in northeast corner of your room.
  • 4.     Waterfalls or any water figure or show piece can be installed in northeast and the stuffed toys should be kept opposite to it in northwest direction.
  • 5.     The color of the drawing room should not be red or black as red is the symbol of anger and black denotes gloominess. Thus it should be colored with light shades.

These Vastu home tips show that how each and every placement of things affects your lives too much. Indian Vastu Shastra believes that the walls, floor and corners of your house have potential to enlighten your lives. So if you want your home to exude positive energy then it is necessary that your inner positive energy should influence your surroundings.


The word Shastra in Vastu Shastra means something having a holy connection. It is believed that one should pay attention towards the vastu shilp which means what should be where. Vastu is a study of such knowledgeable and experienced as well as well tested architectural strategies which have gravitationally attracted a lot of people towards it. Vastu is there for different areas of your residence and workplace.

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen

vastu for kitchen banner
Kitchen is the centric portion of the home. It is considered as a divine place in Indian religion. It is the kitchen which is source of injecting the energy into each and every member of the house. Therefore every placement in kitchen should be done so as to spread positive energy in the premises. Here are some of the tips which can help you.

  • a.       The gas connection and the water source should be parallel.
  • b.       Cutlery and crockery should be adequately placed.
  • c.       Drainage system of the kitchen should be well planned.
  • d.       Doors of kitchen and washrooms should not be subsequent

Vastu for Office

Vastu for office bannerOffice is a workplace from where the owner expects for wealth and prosperity. Therefore it is important that its architecture should be balanced and positive. It should be offering comfort and enthusiasm to all the workers. While getting your office design, some of the features are to be kept in mind to keep it prosperous from Vastu’s point of view. Here are some.

  • a.       Where should the Furniture placement be done in the cabin
  • b.       What should be the Direction of the point of entrance
  • c.       Which Decorative materials and scriptures should be placed
  • d.       The color scheme of different areas of the office
  • e.       Floor or area distribution for the pantry, restrooms, washrooms, windows etc.
  • f.       Special things to be kept near the financial area
  • g.       Importance of presence of Green plants on the welcome door

These are some of the highlights which are taken care of while designing the interiors as well as exteriors of the office. The expertise service in this area is provided by .

Vastu for condominium

Condominium refers to the apartments also known as condos. They are the flats of various measurements in single building. The condos are both budget and space friendly and therefore they are well in trend in USA. Owing to the increasing popularity of vastu among the crowd the builders of these structures prefer a well-crafted vastu advice. Not only it increases the value of the property but also bring omens to the residents. Here are some of the vastu parameters beneficial for condos.

  • a.       Location of gates and stairs plays a very vital role in the buildings.
  • b.       No. of lifts and direction of lifts also contributes towards it.
  • c.       The watchman apartment should be prepared with care so as to harmonize the relation between residents and watchmen.
  • d.       Construction of compound or boundary wall also has lot to say in favor of vastu
  • e.       The vastu kitchen towards southwest in apartment is believed to bring goodness into the house.

Buying certified Indian gemstones in USA

Certified gemstone in USAGemstones are naturally or artificially made stones which are valuable for personal and industrial use. These gemstones are polished and chiseled to attain a higher value in the market. Most people use these gemstones for wearing purposes to satisfy the planetary positions and to have better luck. Their influences on the stars are known to remove any sort of ill impacts caused by sudden planetary moves. The stones are given extreme importance in vedic studies but emphasis is laid on the purity of the stone to receive desired outcomes. These gemstones are mostly native to India, Africa, Sri Lanka and Brazil but, the Indian gemstones are given highest value for their purity. Finding certified pure Indian gems in USA was extremely difficult until started their delivery exclusively for the clients living here. The website has good quality gemstones that are imported directly from India.
The gemstones are not just based on certain assumptions; in fact, a lot of science is involved to support their importance. In the present day world everybody wants to earn a fortune to lead the life that he/she desires with minimum hard work. Every human being has to work hard to achieve something but sometimes the planetary moves cause an obstruction in receiving these outcomes. Gemstones and birthstones are a creation of god that paves way for success that we have earned through hard work. They assist us in getting our dues and hence, should only be brought from trusted people who value the knowledge linked to these stones. Indian gemstone astrology has recently caught up in USA by the means of some renowned professionals who take complete care in delivering these stones.
gem2There are various websites in USA that claim to have Indian birthstone USA but it is highly essential for one to buy it from the genuine outlet to get the returns that one had hoped for. But how do gemstones work? Gemstones draw the energy from various planets to which it belongs and transfers them to the body of the people wearing it. This causes effects on the overall energy of the body thus leading to the astonishing effects. Each planet has a stone(s) correlated to it that helps channelizing their energy to the human body, such as moon is linked to pearls; diamonds are best worn for venus defects etc.
Sometimes the gemstones prove to be more helpful in certain conditions which cannot be explained by medicine. Following medicine blindly is neither right and nor is rejecting the importance of gemstones. Conditions such as high BP, insomnia, heart ailments can often be controlled and cured by the use of appropriate gemstones.
Hence, it is extremely essential to buy the right gemstone to calm down your planetary defects which can only be known through consultation with a well-read astrologer. The authentic Indian gemstones USA can be bought from with complete surety of buying a certified jewel that would exert positive influences on your stars after a consultation with the world renowned pundits to help you get the required stone present on the website.

Top Indian Astrologer in USA

Indian Astrology is the English Equivalent of Jyotisa. Its foundation lies in the Vedas. According to this system, there are 12 Zodiac signs in the western astrology.However, the Zodiac signs are called Rashis or Moon signs in Indian Astrology usa. There are 27 constellations which form the base of the system. According to our Shastras, there are five elements- FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AIR & SKY. All the five elements along with constellations and Moon signs are taken into consideration while making and reading a birth chart. In comparison to western astrology, Vedic Astrology gives more importance to Moon because it governs the mind and emotions.
Top Indian astrologer bannerIndian Astrology retains a prominent position among sciences in the modern world. It has an important role in day to day life also. In Indian culture, new born babies are named by their Moon signs. In fact, the yearly calendar, festivals and holidays are all based on this science. Astrological calculations can also help in decisions regarding career choice, entering new home, business startups and marriage. Such events have a deep impact on our life and hence, planned at an auspicious time and date.
Hindu astrology believes that Heavenly bodies including Planets influence the Life of every human being and these planetary influences are the fruit of Karma. Vedic Astrology USA is a discipline which lets us know the events happening in Human Life and in Universe on Time scale. All over the world, people suffer from similar problems and have similar desires, feelings and emotions.
Recent surveys have indicated that a large part of the USA population also refers to Indian astrologer usa, be it in the form of daily horoscopes or detailed birth charts. Everyone is curious to know about the different aspects of their Lives like Health, Love, Finance, career, job, money, marriage, education and future.
While the western astrology mainly deals with psychological patterns and personality, the Indian Astrology has many more parameters like Muntha, Munthesh, Maha-Dashas and Transit to analyse the birth chart. The latter consists of deeper knowledge and can be used not only to predict the future but also take precaution before problems arrive.
All of us aspire to be happy and successful in our lives but real life has its own trials and difficulties. This is the point where the need for horoscope services arises. is one of the most authentic sites of Indian Astrology usa.
Priti Joshi is a well known Top Indian astrologer in usa. She has over 25 years of experience and is an expert of Astrology, Numerology, Lal Kitab and Vastu in USA. Many people have benefitted from her spiritual guidance and extensive knowledge. Under her able guidance, you can map the graph of your destiny and avoid obstacles using simple corrective measures.
Her Vedic Astrology USA services include:

  • Personality Prediction
  • Prediction of Future and major events in life
  • Detailed prediction for the current year
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