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Top Indian Astrologer in USA

Indian Astrology is the English Equivalent of Jyotisa. Its foundation lies in the Vedas. According to this system, there are 12 Zodiac signs in the western astrology.However, the Zodiac signs are called Rashis or Moon signs in Indian Astrology usa. There are 27 constellations which form the base of the system. According to our Shastras, there are five elements- FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AIR & SKY. All the five elements along with constellations and Moon signs are taken into consideration while making and reading a birth chart. In comparison to western astrology, Vedic Astrology gives more importance to Moon because it governs the mind and emotions.
Top Indian astrologer bannerIndian Astrology retains a prominent position among sciences in the modern world. It has an important role in day to day life also. In Indian culture, new born babies are named by their Moon signs. In fact, the yearly calendar, festivals and holidays are all based on this science. Astrological calculations can also help in decisions regarding career choice, entering new home, business startups and marriage. Such events have a deep impact on our life and hence, planned at an auspicious time and date.
Hindu astrology believes that Heavenly bodies including Planets influence the Life of every human being and these planetary influences are the fruit of Karma. Vedic Astrology USA is a discipline which lets us know the events happening in Human Life and in Universe on Time scale. All over the world, people suffer from similar problems and have similar desires, feelings and emotions.
Recent surveys have indicated that a large part of the USA population also refers to Indian astrologer usa, be it in the form of daily horoscopes or detailed birth charts. Everyone is curious to know about the different aspects of their Lives like Health, Love, Finance, career, job, money, marriage, education and future.
While the western astrology mainly deals with psychological patterns and personality, the Indian Astrology has many more parameters like Muntha, Munthesh, Maha-Dashas and Transit to analyse the birth chart. The latter consists of deeper knowledge and can be used not only to predict the future but also take precaution before problems arrive.
All of us aspire to be happy and successful in our lives but real life has its own trials and difficulties. This is the point where the need for horoscope services arises. www.pritijoshi.net is one of the most authentic sites of Indian Astrology usa.
Priti Joshi is a well known Top Indian astrologer in usa. She has over 25 years of experience and is an expert of Astrology, Numerology, Lal Kitab and Vastu in USA. Many people have benefitted from her spiritual guidance and extensive knowledge. Under her able guidance, you can map the graph of your destiny and avoid obstacles using simple corrective measures.
Her Vedic Astrology USA services include:

  • Personality Prediction
  • Prediction of Future and major events in life
  • Detailed prediction for the current year
  • Birth Charts
  • Matchmaking
  • Lucky Gems and Stones
  • Career and Business prospects