Vastu Shastra is the study of understanding importance and taking advantage of the gravitational effects, magnetic field, rainfall, directions and the whole of universe. This study empowers to take the blessings of nature and inject positivity along with wealth into our lives without making any structural changes to your place.


Bedroom is the place where you give out all your negative energies and relax your body, mind and soul. Therefore it needs to be taken due care whether the bedroom is aptly arranged. Here are some tips.

  • 1.     It should contain a window to keep it properly ventilated placed in south west direction.
  • 2.     Do not install television in your bedroom as it is believed that it brings bad omen.
  • 3.     Avoid keeping any water based plant in your sleeping room. Same way avoid other water features such as aquarium, fountains or a pool in your room so that your room remains waterproof. Water is believed to flow away the positivity out of our home.
  • 4.     While sleeping your head should be towards east or south. The sun rises from east and thus every day your life gets a new start, to achieve this objective east direction is designated.
  • 5.     Some people spread a two single mattresses and bed sheets on their double beds. The Vastu tips home advices that separate mattresses and bed sheets should not be used as it can lead to unnecessary conflicts and give birth to differences in relationships.


Drawing room is the common room in home and is meant for entertaining guests, watching television together which is usually furnished with stylish furniture, bookshelves, television and other equipment for decoration. This room has a lot to say except for formal and casual entertainment. Take a look.

  • 1.     The sunlight should enlighten the drawing room every morning and thus it should be facing either towards north or east direction.
  • 2.     The south and west directions signify the handling of heavy weight element. Therefore heavy furniture i.e., sofa sets, crockery cupboards and tables should be towards south, west or southwest direction.
  • 3.     Indian Vastu believes a lot in inscribing the portraits of God in the drawing room. The figures or portraits of Christ or any supreme power in which you have faith can be hung in northeast corner of your room.
  • 4.     Waterfalls or any water figure or show piece can be installed in northeast and the stuffed toys should be kept opposite to it in northwest direction.
  • 5.     The color of the drawing room should not be red or black as red is the symbol of anger and black denotes gloominess. Thus it should be colored with light shades.

These Vastu home tips show that how each and every placement of things affects your lives too much. Indian Vastu Shastra believes that the walls, floor and corners of your house have potential to enlighten your lives. So if you want your home to exude positive energy then it is necessary that your inner positive energy should influence your surroundings.

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