The word Shastra in Vastu Shastra means something having a holy connection. It is believed that one should pay attention towards the vastu shilp which means what should be where. Vastu is a study of such knowledgeable and experienced as well as well tested architectural strategies which have gravitationally attracted a lot of people towards it. Vastu is there for different areas of your residence and workplace.

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen

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Kitchen is the centric portion of the home. It is considered as a divine place in Indian religion. It is the kitchen which is source of injecting the energy into each and every member of the house. Therefore every placement in kitchen should be done so as to spread positive energy in the premises. Here are some of the tips which can help you.

  • a.       The gas connection and the water source should be parallel.
  • b.       Cutlery and crockery should be adequately placed.
  • c.       Drainage system of the kitchen should be well planned.
  • d.       Doors of kitchen and washrooms should not be subsequent

Vastu for Office

Vastu for office bannerOffice is a workplace from where the owner expects for wealth and prosperity. Therefore it is important that its architecture should be balanced and positive. It should be offering comfort and enthusiasm to all the workers. While getting your office design, some of the features are to be kept in mind to keep it prosperous from Vastu’s point of view. Here are some.

  • a.       Where should the Furniture placement be done in the cabin
  • b.       What should be the Direction of the point of entrance
  • c.       Which Decorative materials and scriptures should be placed
  • d.       The color scheme of different areas of the office
  • e.       Floor or area distribution for the pantry, restrooms, washrooms, windows etc.
  • f.       Special things to be kept near the financial area
  • g.       Importance of presence of Green plants on the welcome door

These are some of the highlights which are taken care of while designing the interiors as well as exteriors of the office. The expertise service in this area is provided by .

Vastu for condominium

Condominium refers to the apartments also known as condos. They are the flats of various measurements in single building. The condos are both budget and space friendly and therefore they are well in trend in USA. Owing to the increasing popularity of vastu among the crowd the builders of these structures prefer a well-crafted vastu advice. Not only it increases the value of the property but also bring omens to the residents. Here are some of the vastu parameters beneficial for condos.

  • a.       Location of gates and stairs plays a very vital role in the buildings.
  • b.       No. of lifts and direction of lifts also contributes towards it.
  • c.       The watchman apartment should be prepared with care so as to harmonize the relation between residents and watchmen.
  • d.       Construction of compound or boundary wall also has lot to say in favor of vastu
  • e.       The vastu kitchen towards southwest in apartment is believed to bring goodness into the house.
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