vastu for home entranceVastu shastra is the ancient study of the science of designing a house with respect to its architecture and construction. The science focuses on the proper layout of the design, measurements, spatial arrangement and geometry. Vastu is derived from traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs of integrating nature and its patterns to make optimum use of the space to have maximum health and other benefits of life.

One comes across many vastu sites online that claims of maximum benefits and knowledge, but very few are actually genuine with the true knowledge of this beautiful art. One of the most reliable and trusted website that deals with the vastu shastra for the home entrances in USA is, that explains and justifies each of its Vastu tips that would benefit your home and life immensely.

As per the basic vastu explained by the guru on the website there are a few considerations that are to be kept in mind before construction of the main entrance to your home. These tips are:

  • 1)      Bhumi pujan/ prayers offered to the land is the most essential of the vastu tips that one needs to adhere in order to have hassle free and fruitful life on the particular piece of land.
  • 2)      East facing house is considered as most auspicious as the morning sun rays fall first on the door blessing it with eternal joy and love. Although the website also has solutions for other directions facing houses that would make them auspicious for dwelling.
  • 3)      Avoid a main door facing deserted sites as they bring bad influence and luck to the people residing in the house.
  • 4)      Try not to have a pillar or a wall blocking the main entrance to the house it generally obstructs the good luck coming to the house.
  • 5)      Have separate entry and exit doors to the house if possible to let some fresh air seep in to refresh and rejuvenate the home and its members.
  • Basic vastu is all about making your home comfortable as well as a dwelling place for good luck and fortune for all its residents. It should always be remembered that the entrance door is the biggest door in the house and all good or bad things come inside through it, so a few precautions will only help in making a life worth living in the house. Try to keep a door that opens outside and in a clockwise direction for maximum good influences and for safety reasons as well.

    The guru also mentions that the plot facing road is a good omen since it gives easy access to blessings for the house and its members. Also, try to have a main gate and the main door facing the same side as it is easier for people to come in rather than having both in opposite direction.

    Plan your house well with the help of few vastu tips and see the happiness and fortune find the way to your door steps instantly!!

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