• Dear Yogeshbhai and Pritibhen,

    I am writing this email to let you know that how much your guidance has help me!
    last February when I called you, I was going through hardest time in my personal and financial life, I was thinking of filling for bankruptcy was having hard time on every block of my life. I was captain of drowning ship. when I called you, I was very skeptical of vastu and jyotish but as a last resort I made a appointment.it turned out best appointment in my life After following your excellent guidance and blessing, within a little more than year, my life suddenly changed, I am having BEST time of my life in every aspect.
    bhagvan tamne sukhi rakhey
    jaishri krisna


  • Priti bhen,

    Priti Joshi is an excellent astrologer, who has helped me personnel in many ways. She is highly respected person and I have strong faith in her words and all of her saying have materialized for me and my family. I will continue to seek her help and guidance in very phases of my life, from work to home and kids. Thank you Pritibhen and our friendship will last for ever.
    Yogesh Joshi is a very well guru to our family, he has performed various religious prayers at our house. He is a man of GOD who is serving the purpose to help others. Yogeshbhai's blessing has done well for our family and his true devotion to his profession is a valuable. Not to many people one comes across, but Yogeshbhai has been there for us. Thank you Yogeshbahi and you are always a welcome addition to our family.


  • Dear Yogesh Bhai,

    I came to see on my birthday on June 20th. After going through seven years of hardship and bad times, I gave up hope and was planning to go back to India. My friend recommended to see you before taking any actions.
    Initially i was reluctant, but at the end of consultation, I was very hopeful. You explained my Janmaxar and and recommended great vidhi and puja. I followed your advice and in five months, my life has totally changed dramatically. My life is full of hope and happiness.
    God bless you. jai mataji


  • I know Mrs.Priti Joshi and Yogesh Joshi for long time.

    Mrs.Priti Joshi is very knowledgeable in astrology and Vastu Shastra. She is helping so many people in their good as well a not so good time and guides them to a path of happiness, health and prosperity. It does not matter, whether problems are related to personal health, business, spousal issues or children's rebellion. She always guides and leads to a solid path of recovery. Her advice in purchase of new real estate or business is priceless.
    I strongly recommend Mrs. Priti Joshi and Yogesh Joshi when ever need arise for them.

    College of Dentistry, New York University

  • Awesome…. Many many thanks for your visit to my house in NY. I feel my space more warm and welcoming. It helps me in recovering me from my poor financial position. Now I believe that my personal environment plays a big role in my success. Your practical and cost effective corrections helped lot in correcting my disturbed life. Once again I thank you for your inspiration and support. Wishing you a great success.

    -Manohar Sing

  • Thanks for your detailed report on furniture placement. Cabins reception in my office layout. Your services are efficient and to my experience very authentic. I love working in my office space because you made it more vibrant. I feel energy in my office environment. I am happy to say that I felt instant change in my personal environment.I am certainly grateful to have met Mr Joshi and will certainly be recommending you to all my business associated & friends who having watched this process in my office.