Tips for vastu in USA
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The versatility Of Vastu Shastra is clearly visible through the fact that it can be used in daily life as well as in the commercial arena. It can be used for residential purposes, spiritual purposes as well as for financial purposes. The fact that it has given such positive results has added to the growth and admiration of this science. We can apply the principles of Vastu Shastra in our daily lives too and this in turn would ensure peace, wealth and happiness in our lives.

Some of the tips for Vastu in daily life has been mentioned in the following lines-
  • The presence of broken watches, broken mirrors and electrical gadgets is considered inauspicious.
  • The presence of basil plant in the front portion of the house is considered auspicious.
  • The furniture in the house should be placed in a square, circular or octagonal manner.
  • The corners in the house should be illuminated.
  • One must not place television within the bedroom area.
  • The safe or locker should always be located in the Southwest or South direction.
  • A dripping faucet or plumbing is considered inauspicious as it drains out the wealth of the house.
  • Mirrors should not be attached with the bed or in front of it as it hampers a healthy sleep. To prevent bad dreams, mirrors should be covered while sleeping.
  • Placing an aquarium in the North helps in attracting wealth and positive energy.
  • By putting the figure of a three-legged frog facing its back at the main entrance one can ensure better saving.
  • North and East directions are ideal directions for students to study therefore study table with a well-lit lamp should be placed in these directions.
  • One should sleep with the head placed towards the South.
  • Avoid constructing staircases in the centre of the house.
  • Keep a burning candle for a couple of weeks in the room inhabited by a person who is unwell.
  • To ensure good health for the inhabitants in the house, light a red colored candle in the Southeast direction.
  • Kitchen should always be located in the Southeast direction as it promotes good health.
  • The center of the house or ‘Brahmasthan’ should be free from any heavy furniture.
  • Stick three coins tied with a red ribbon on invoice books or sales files or order books as this would help in improving sales.
  • Southeast is an ideal direction for placing the accounts department.
  • South, West and Southwest are ideal directions for the cabins of directors, executives and managers.
  • Bedrooms situated in Northwest should be given to marriageable daughters.
  • East and North are ideal directions for main entrance.
  • The main entrance should always be kept clean for smooth flow of positive energy.
  • Southwest is ideal for elderly people.
  • The guidelines and tips for Vastu Shastra if followed properly in daily life and while construction of a structure will bring positive results for the follower, according to Vastu experts.

The doors play a very important role in a residence since it links the inner self of the inhabitant with his activity- based identity.Colors also play a significant role in a residence and each color has its own effects upon the inhabitants.In some cases, some mystic numbers are also used to induce a positive vibration among the inhabitants of the house.According to Vaastu Shastra ,apart from the South-East direction all other directions are preferable for a bedroom.West is the perfect direction to construct a children’s room and South- East is an ideal location for a kitchen. However the designs vary since it largely depends on the layout of the particular place.

The layout of different places differs from each other. For example, the layout of Navi Mumbai is different from that of Chennai and in the same way the layout of different countries is different from the other.Thus we can conclude that the application of Vaastu for residence in USA will be different from that of India or any other foreign land.Apart from the architecture of the residences in USA, the lifestyle of the people residing there and its environment is completely different as such the Vaastu for residence in USA will be totally different from that of India or any other foreign country.However the aim of Vaastu

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